At Screw Top Imports we celebrate the fine wines from Australian cool climate regions. Although Australia has been known for big jammy wines and cute characters on the labels all that is changing for the better. Like Foster's these were never consumed by Australian consumers. They were enjoying the best from Margaret River. the Great Southern and the Limestone Coast  - the coolest regions of Australia with a full seven months growing period in the most ancient soil on Earth. These wines are made in the vineyard not the winery, and are bright, complex, subtle wines of great character representing the best of Australia. These micro-climates dot the southern and western-most coast of Australia, similar to Napa, Sonoma and Willamette River in the United States.  

The wind travels for thousands of miles from Africa and Antarctica before blowing through these vineyards keeping them dry and cool in the evening and consistently dry and warm during the day. Truly one of the great wine-growing regions in the world and certainly the most overlooked.

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